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Codemark Certificate

NZBC compliant cladding system for large format MAXIMUM Porcelain Tiles. eg 3000x1500x6mm.

SUMNER® pre-cladding is fitted by Licensed Building Practicioner (LBP) and then tiles sre adhered over the SUMNER Board using SUMNER adhesive by approved applicatiors. Typical installations may include chimneys, feature walls, fireplaces, columns etc. Usually for large private homes, shopping centers, appartment buildings or commercial developments.

It is mandetory to submit the CODEMARK certificate (m0.0.1) when applying for building consent. Otherwise the council office does not know you are using this compliant system.

Kindly contact our office if your answers are not on this page.


  1. Building Consent application documents

  2. CODEMARK's 'front end' certification is simple for council offices to approve but only if they know you are using a CODEMARKED system. Submit documents S 0.0.1 and S 0.0.2 when applying for building consent.
    m 0.0.1 CODEMARK Certificate of Conformity
    m 0.0.2 CODEMARK Compliance Form to identify scope - architect to complete





  3. Technical and Installation Manual

  4. m 1.0.0 SUMNER Technical & Installation Manual - 28th August 2017


  5. Architectural Details
  6. Repository of branded product and company specific architectural details available for ease of specification.


    Full Drawing Sets

    m 2.0.1 Full Set of Details in pdf format

    m 2.0.2 Full Set of Details in rvt format

    m 2.0.3 Full Set of Details in dwg format

    Over Timber or Steel Frame Construction

    m 2.1.0 Vertical XSection For Timber Foundation
    m 3.0.0 Slab edge - standard
    m 3.0.1 Slab edge - rebated

    m 3.1.0 Window detail plan - basic
    m 3.1.1 Window detail elevation - basic
    m 3.1.2 Window detail plan - Deep reveal
    m 3.1.3 Window detail elevation - Deep reveal

    m 3.2.0 Door detail plan
    m 3.2.1 Door detail elevation

    m 3.3.2 Abutment horizontal to weatherboard - elevation
    m 3.3.3 Abutment - internal corner (negative detail for weatherboard)
    m 3.3.4 Abutment vertical junction - plan
    m 3.3.5 Abutment internal corner (Not weatherboard)

    m 3.4.1 Roof detail - back sloping barge
    m 3.4.2 Roof detail - apron flashing
    m 3.4.3 Soffit termination / roof verge
    m 3.4.4 Soffit - Tiled

    m 3.5.3 Meter Box detail
    m 3.5.5 Pipe Penetration Detail

    m 3.5.6 Vertical movement control joint.pdf
    m 3.5.7 Horizontal inter-Storey control joint.pdf

    m 4.0.0 Corner detail - internal
    m 4.0.1 Corner detail - external
    m 9.0 Parapet Detail

    Over Masonry Construction

    m 7.0.0 Slab edge detail - standard masonry
    m 7.0.1 Slab edge detail - rebated masonry




  7. SUMNER Board Installation
  8. m 6.0.1 SUMNER Board - installation instructions




  9. SUMNER Checklists - required for CCC
  10. These two forms need to be completed by the appropriate trades people and emailed to For more information about this process please refer our CCC webpage.

    s 9.1.1 SUMNER Builders Cavity Checklist (Builder)
    s 9.2.1 SUMNER Tiler Installation Checklist (Tile Installer)





  11. SUMNER Material Saftey Datasheets (MSDS)
  12. s 10.0.0 SUMNER Grip MSDS
    s 10.1.0 SUMNER Board MSDS
    s 10.2.0 SUMNER Primer MSDS
    s 10.3.0 SUMNER Battens MSDS





  13. Terms and Conditions
  14. Terms of Trade



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