SUMNER has compliant solutions for New Zealand's stone veneer industry. Surprisingly in July 2018 two prominant building product suppliers limited their industry support. Both fibre cement sheet importers either discontinued or advised weight restrictions of 60kgs. Precluding installation of most stone veneer finishes.

On this page you can Learn about our veneer system and purchase system products.


The science behind our system is detailed and involves technical drawings, test data, engineers testing as well as practical testing and observation for weathertightness and pier reviewing of all building performance clauses. We refer to this as compliance testing, and we are making our system available so others do not have to redo what we have already done. SUMNER veneer system is available to the industry for the betterment of the industry and with no up front costs. We will not go into detailed system development here but instead summarize some of the noteworthy results and considerations. If you are interested in becoming an approved installer please contact us.

SUMNER Grip pull tests exceed 3 tonnes of pull strength!

SUMNER system components are grouped in bundles for ease of supply and to ensuring the system is used in entirety. Below you can see our three system bundles. Typically you only need the adhesive bundle for direct fix to masonry. Use the SUMNER Board bundle if a substrate is required to adhere the stone to. Use our SUMNER cavity bundle to achieve weathertightness for NZBC

Purchase System Products

Quickly and easily purchase the necessary system bundles for your project by entering the square meters of stone.

All bundles include 2.88m2 of materials. This does not allow for waste or cutting and fitting. We recommend working on 2.50m2 per bundle. Please adjust bundle quantities to your own requirements. You can purchase more at a later date but it is usually best to have sufficient at site.

m2 ÷ 2.5 = bundles.

SUMNER Schist veneer complies with the New Zealand Building Code, and is a proprietary cladding system for architects and design professionals. Please see our Documents section for more detailed reading.