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So your project is complete, and you are ready to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) from the Council. Great! This page is designed to make this process easy. Here is are some exapmles of the forms you will receive.


SUMNER Example Documents

1) Example of Applicators
Approval Certificate
Example of Applicator Certificate
2) Example of Applicators
Workmanship Statement
Example of Workmanship Statement
3) Example of


What do I need to do?

There are only two things you need to do.

1) We need to ensure your pre-cladding and/or stone installation has been completed as per our system. To do this we need a copy of...

  1. 9.1.1 SUMNER Builders Cavity Checklist (Builder)
  2. 9.2.1 SUMNER Stonemason Installation Checklist (Stone Installer)

If you do not have completed forms please print them off and have your trade professional fill them out. The forms can then be posted or emailed to


2) Complete the form below so we have the relevant information to add to your documents. Please note that all fields must be completed correctly, and none can be left blank or your request will not be actioned...





Document Request Form

First Name
Last Name
Invoice Number
Installers Name


Note: Unfortunately we cannot assist in obtaining a CCC for jobs that have not been installed with 100% SUMNER products and our SUMNER installer.

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