9.2.1 Installation Checklist for SUMNER trained stone installer

YES √ No √ Re Checked YES √ Re Checked No √
(Basic Description. Columns, chimney etc)
Revision: 18th November 2017

1.0 Substrate & Pre Installation.
1.1 Attached Builders 9.1.1 SUMNER Cavity Checklist to the back of this form.
1.2 Has 9.1.1 SUMNER Cavity Checklist been completed satisfactory? (If checklist is unavailable you must inspect for correct fitment.)

- if not then advise the builder and have rectifications made.

- if builder declines then advise SUMNER office and they will send a Non Compliance letter to the client. Do not commence work!

1.3 Have you examined the areas to be weathertight and advised the main contractor / architect of any existing conditions or surface contaminants which will require correction before work commences.

1.4 The four corners of every window, and the sills have been SUMNER taped?

1.5 Walls are vertical and plumb (not leaning out)

1.6 Have you been asked to clad any ceiling or inverted areas?

1.7 Ensure SUMNER Cavity System is NOT installer over non-structural brick, steel frame, aerated concrete or another veneer/cavity?

1.8 Have you verified with your moisture meter that timber framing has a moisture content <18% BEFORE installing stonework?

1.9 Any horizontal surfaces have a 10 degrees slope

2.0 Licence Info

2.1 Have you completed a SUMNER Installer training day?

2.2 Are you a Licensed Building Practitioner Write LBP No: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3.0 SUMNER Taping

3.0 Have you inspected to see you are not installing over another coating/seal?

3.1 When installing the tape over SUMNER Sheeting, did it cover 100% of all joins, voids and gaps?

3.2 Was surface temperature between 10 and 32 degrees Celsius?

3.3 Primer & Joins: Did you apply SUMNER Prime to board surface, and then tape the joints?

3.4 Try tearing a small thumb nail of the tape away. It should not come away easily. Tick yes if this test was carried out.

Tape perimeter of all penetrations (doors,windos,pipes,meterboxes)

4.0 Installation

4.1 Was the back of the stone free of excessive water which inhibits the adhesive bond?

4.2 Were SUMNER adhesives used and mixed as per specification?

4.3 Were adequate props used along the bottom prior to install?

4.4 Was both the board and stone free from dirt, dust or contaminants?


4.5 Cumulative Lineal Expansion: Where any walls more than 8 meters high, or longer than 5 meters wide?

4.6 Substrate Expansion Joins: Are there any mid floor expansion joints?

4.7 If yes to either of the above, tick how control joints were accommodated into the stone Installation. Slip-joint Cut expansion joint into the panel wall. loose stone with room for expansion
4.8 Was installed stone protected from weather until cured (2 days)?

4.9 Were SUMNER fixings installed at minimum 600mm vertical centres horizontal centres.

4.10 Did you avoid rehydrating or using an adhesive mix older than 1 hour?

4.11 Did you ensure stone was not soaking wet on the back when you were troweling the adhesive?

4.12 Was adhesive troweled on the stone, and a thin skim coat to the wall to ensure the adhesive was taking to both surfaces?

5.0 Other Important Checks

5.1 The temperature was not under 10 or over 32 degrees when adhering the stone?

5.2 Were panels spot fixed?

5.3 95% coverage troweled on the back of the stone, and thick enough with a 10mm notched trowel to effect the same percentage bond to the substrate?

7.0 Stone Slip used

7.1 Nominate type: Ledgestone, Traditional or Sandstone Series □

Otago or Bluestone Series □


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Note: This form is a legal document and you will be held liable for the costs of any failures, whether direct or indirect, due to falsifications in the document.

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