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AKA - SUMNER Schist Cladding System


Codemark Certificate

NZBC compliant system for stonework 20-60mm thick. eg Schist or Bluestone veneer.

SUMNER® pre-cladding is fitted by Licensed Building Practicioner (LBP) and then stonework is adhered over the SUMNER Board using SUMNER adhesive by approved applicatiors. Typical installations may include chimneys, feature walls, fireplaces, columns etc.

It is mandetory to submit the CODEMARK certificate (S0.0.1) when applying for building consent. Otherwise the council office does not know you are using this compliant system.

Kindly contact our office if your answers are not on this page.


  1. Building Consent application documents

  2. When council compliance offices know you are using SUMNER they will simply approve construction. However you must ensure submitition of documents S 0.0.1 and S 0.0.2 when applying for building consent. Otherwise they will not know.

    s 0.0.1 CODEMARK Certificate of Conformity
    s 0.0.2 CODEMARK Compliance Form to identify scope - architect to complete





  3. Technical and Installation Manual

  4. s 1.0.0 SUMNER Technical & Installation Manual - 16th October 2014


  5. Written Specifications



  7. Architectural Details
  8. Repository of branded product and company specific architectural details available for ease of specification.


  9. SUMNER Board Installation
  10. s 6.0.0 Sumner Board Fixing (All series)
    s 6.0.1 Sumner Board Fixing (Ledge and D-Series)
    s 6.0.2 Sumner Board Fixing (Otago and Bluestone Series)




  11. SUMNER Checklists - required for CCC
  12. These two forms need to be completed by the appropriate trades people and emailed to For more information about this process please refer our CCC webpage.

    s 9.1.1 SUMNER Builders Cavity Checklist (Builder)
    s 9.2.1 SUMNER Stonemason Installation Checklist (Stone Installer)





  13. SUMNER Material Saftey Datasheets (MSDS)
  14. s 10.0.0 SUMNER Grip MSDS
    s 10.1.0 SUMNER Board MSDS
    s 10.2.0 SUMNER Primer MSDS
    s 10.3.0 SUMNER Battens MSDS





  15. Powerpoint Presentation
  16. FPB Powerpoint Presentation





  17. Terms and Conditions
  18. Terms of Trade



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