Hyde Light Grey discontinued. Best alternative solution is SUMNER Light Grey Schist. Only available as a veneer.

Thompson House

David Reid Homes

"6 Birchwood Rd"
"Ph 0800 000 007"


Access to this beautiful home is down a long private driveway. In Winter, the house sits in front of snow-capped mountains separated by a private lake. Deliberate architecture and finishes combine to create a magnificent home. The clients chose our schist stonework to relate the architecture to its alpine environment.


We needed an alternative stone to Hyde Light Grey schist due to the closing of Hydestone Ltd. For many years Hyde Light Grey schist (Hyde) was used extensively throughout Wanaka and Queenstown regions. Hyde was easy to work, and the light colours were not dark and brooding like the other local stones.

SUMNER Light Grey is incredibly similar to Hyde:

  • 1) Both have pressed faces and ends.
  • 2) Piece sizes are the same.
  • 3) The Grey colour is similar, with taupe-brown highlights.
  • 4) Blending grey and brown is available as per clients' requirements.
  • 5) Both stones are very easy to work.
  • 6) External 'L-corners' and SUMNER Light Grey's availability are superior to Hyde.
  • 7) For projects wanting to attain an extremely high level of finishing

If you need an alternative to Hyde we recommend contacting us today to discuss our solution using SUMNER Light Grey schist.


Hyde Light Grey replaced by SUMNER Light Grey Schist in Queenstown
Hyde Grey replaced by SUMNER Light Grey Schist for chimney



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