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  • All types of thin masonry (brick slip, stone slip, and tiles),
  • Extra high wind zones,
  • All corrosion zones,
  • Fire-rated to Group 1S classification,
  • On buildings, any proximity to a relevant boundary.
  • Typical installations include chimneys, feature walls, fireplaces, columns etc.


1) Licensed Building Practitioner installs SUMNER® pre-cladding and writes a PS3 for council.

2) Selected masonry veneer is adhered on-site to the SUMNER® Board using our highly modified two-part SUMNER® Grip adhesive. The masonry veneer installer writes their PS3 for council.













  1. Technical and Installation Manual

  2. Please contact our office if you require the most recent copy.

    s 1.0.0 SUMNER Technical & Installation Manual - 10th March 2021




  3. Written Specifications






  5. SUMNER Board Installation
  6. s 6.0.1 SUMNER Board installation - stone thickness less than 40mm.
    s 6.0.2 SUMNER Board installation - for stone thickness 40-60mm Thick.




  7. SUMNER Checklists - required for CCC
  8. These two forms need to be completed by the appropriate tradespeople and emailed to For more information about this process, please refer our CCC webpage.

    s 9.1.1 SUMNER Builders Cavity Checklist (Builder)
    s 9.2.1 SUMNER Tiler Installation Checklist (Tile Installer)





  9. SUMNER Material Saftey Datasheets (MSDS)
  10. s 10.0.0 SUMNER Grip MSDS
    s 10.1.0 SUMNER Board MSDS
    s 10.2.0 SUMNER Primer MSDS
    s 10.3.0 SUMNER Battens MSDS





  11. Terms and Conditions
  12. Terms of Trade





  13. Training Resources
  14. Part 1a - Training Video (Masonry veneer theory)

    Part 1b - Online open book test


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