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  • All types of thin masonry (brick slip, stone slip, and tiles),
  • Extra high wind zones,
  • All corrosion zones,
  • Fire-rated to Group 1S classification,
  • On buildings, any proximity to a relevant boundary.
  • Typical installations include chimneys, feature walls, fireplaces, columns etc.


1) Licensed Building Practitioner installs SUMNER® pre-cladding and writes a PS3 for council.

2) Selected masonry veneer is adhered on-site to the SUMNER® Board using our highly modified two-part SUMNER® Grip adhesive. The masonry veneer installer writes their PS3 for council.













  1. Technical and Installation Manual

  2. Please contact our office if you require the most recent copy.

    s 1.0.0 SUMNER Technical & Installation Manual - 10th March 2021




  3. Written Specifications






  5. SUMNER Board Installation
  6. s 6.0.1 SUMNER Board installation - stone thickness less than 40mm.
    s 6.0.2 SUMNER Board installation - for stone thickness 40-60mm Thick.




  7. SUMNER Checklists - required for CCC
  8. These two forms need to be completed by the appropriate tradespeople and emailed to For more information about this process, please refer our CCC webpage.

    s 9.1.1 SUMNER Builders Cavity Checklist (Builder)
    s 9.2.1 SUMNER Tiler Installation Checklist (Tile Installer)





  9. SUMNER Material Saftey Datasheets (MSDS)
  10. s 10.0.0 SUMNER Grip MSDS
    s 10.1.0 SUMNER Board MSDS
    s 10.2.0 SUMNER Primer MSDS
    s 10.3.0 SUMNER Battens MSDS





  11. Terms and Conditions
  12. Terms of Trade





  13. Training Resources
  14. Part 1a - Training Video (Masonry veneer theory)

    Part 1b - Online open book test




  15. SUMNER® Ancillary Architectural Details

  16. Detail Without Cavity

    The following details are not to be used on the building envelope as they omit the rigid air barrrier necessary for weather tightness. Designers can use them for applications such as extrior boundary walls (off the house) or internal fireplaces.

    s 5.0.0 SUMNER® Internal or Landscape for Timber Frame Structures

    s 6.1.0 SUMNER® Internal or Landscape for Masonry Structures


    Frameout Detail for columns

    s 8.0.0 SUMNER® Post Detail (column frame out)

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