Open Book Test

Ensure you watching the theory training video prior to answering the questions.

You are encouraged use the SUMNER Training and Technical Manual as a reference document to assist in answering the questions below.

There are no time restrictions. The test will take no more than 5 - 10 minutes.


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Section 1 - Compliance Documents

a) Example of Applicators
Approval Certificate
Example of Applicator Certificate
b) Example of Applicators
Workmanship Statement
Example of Workmanship Statement
c) Example of


QUESTION 1) Which document below affirms all work is completed by you (the lisenced applicator) and no one else? Q1 Answer:


QUESTION 2) Can you have other installers putting the stone up if they are not lisenced? Q2 Answer:


QUESTION 3) How many years are applicator approval certificates valid? Q3 Answer:




The checklists below were discussed in the video. Look at them and answer the subsequent questions:

  1. 9.1.1 SUMNER Builders Cavity Checklist (Builder)
  2. 9.2.1 SUMNER Stonemason Installation Checklist (Stone Installer)


QUESTION 4) Which checklist do you to complete? Q4 Answer:


QUESTION 5) When do you first refer to this checklist? Q5 Answer:



Section 2 - Considerations from theory


QUESTION 6) What is the minimum sized notched trowel? Q6 Answer:


QUESTION 7) What is the minimum number of hours new stonework should be protected from rain? Q7 Answer:


QUESTION 8) What is the maximum vertical and horizantal spacing for L-Fixings? Q8 Answer:


QUESTION 9) What the minimum adhesive coverage acceptable? Q9 Answer:


QUESTION 10) Does SUMNER Primer need to be reapplied if left to weather for 6 months before installing? Q10 Answer:


QUESTION 11) Can adhesive I mixed an hour ago still be used? Q11 Answer:


QUESTION 12) What is the maximum ambient temperature at which SUMNER® can be applied? Q12 Answer:


QUESTION 13) Does the adhesive need to be applied to the wall as well as the stone? Q13 Answer:


QUESTION 14) What gap should I leave at the end of the stone and an adjacent termination detail? Q14 Answer:


QUESTION 15) What technique was recommended to avoid adheive being too old, and low strength? Q15 Answer:


QUESTION 16) How can you increase the bond strength by up to 200% Q16 Answer:


QUESTION 17) What was the recommended method to allow for cumulative expansion and contraction? Q17 Answer:


QUESTION 18) Whe inspecting the SUMNER board you find it has been nailed up. How should you proceed? Q18 Answer:


QUESTION 19) What is the minimum ambient temperature at which SUMNER® can be applied? Q19 Answer:


QUESTION 20) Do holes or cracks in the SUMNER® Board need SUMNER® Tape? Q19 Answer:





By completing this training we are working together to improve the industry and protect projects from failure. Thank you.


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