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About Us

At SUMNER®, we are dedicated to producing high-quality feature walls. We carefully select the best masonry finishes, cut them thinly to reduce weight and delivery costs, and use our specialised adhesive system for long-lasting performance. Our clients can enjoy a stunning look that we guarantee will last.

Our Proud History

SUMNER® is a family business with a long history in the natural stone industry in New Zealand. Initially, we imported stone flooring and supplied local schist until it became unfeasible due to supply difficulties. We then introduced stone veneer, which was easy to import and resulted in the company's rebranding as SUMNER Adhered Masonry. For the next two decades, we focused on pioneering the industry in New Zealand and making it a success.


A Best System for Adhered Masonry

Initially, we used the same methods and materials for attaching thin stones as we did for ceramic wall tiles. However, due to the weight of the rock, we need to develop an extremely robust system. We dedicated more than two decades to perfecting our SUMNER® Adhered Masonry Veneer System (SAMV), which involves a cavity, backing board, adhesive, and stone. Our Appraisal Certificate is highly valued and widely used. For more information, please visit our documents page.


Universal Addoption

SUMNER® is a leading supplier of adhered masonry veneers. Our SAMV components are used in projects requiring adhesion or building compliance. Local brick companies prefer and use SAMV for their brick slips. We offer many inspiring stone veneers and are currently working on multiple projects nationwide. If you are using adhered masonry veneer, we would be happy to hear from you.


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