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In 2014 SUMNER® became New Zealand's first and only CODEMARK certified supplier of stone veneer wall cladding. As industry pioneers, we were proud to have attained such a high level of compliance certification. However, over the next seven years CODEMARK proved overly restrictive. It prevented SUMNER® from adhering brick slip and porcelain tiles. It also prevented us from selling SUMNER® board and adhesives to projects not managed by us. So in 2021 we decided to change.

We retired CODEMARK in favour of a simple Product Technical Statement (PTS). Suddenly we could supply our board and adhesives to building merchants. Our range of products increased with the arrival of exciting recycled bricks, not previously posibile under CODEMARK. Moving to a PTS has enabled SUMNER® to better support the adhered masonry veneer industry and at the same time offer greater selection to New Zealander's.

Adhered masonry veneer remains a specialized industry. Our clients choose SUMNER® because they know it works and that it will look great for years to come. Why not let a SUMNER® professional help with your project.

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SUMNER Special

We have a great special this month!

We are fully stocked and ready for 2015, so we are offering SUMNER™ Mosgiel schist for $99/m2+GST only yntil the end of March.

NZ Stone Mosgiel Schist


You can take advantage of this limited time offer by purchasing online here before the 31st March 2015


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SUMNER® Brick Slips are real brick, cut and supplied to be only 25mm thick. If you have any questions please contact us. We are happy to help you with selecting the right finish for your project.

SUMNER® adhered masonry system complies with the New Zealand Building Code, and is a proprietary cladding system for architects and design professionals. Please see our Documents section for more detailed reading.