Damian Petre Homestead

Designed by Artektus

"9 Cypress Court, Kelvin Heights,"
"Ph +64 21 217 9164"

This two-year project is the beautiful family home of client Damian Petre. Damian supplied a design brief to the architect, who always liked the contrast of metal and schist. The home features SUMNER Otago Lakes lime-rendered stonework. A successfully finished aesthetic combining hand-placed stone veneer and interconnecting lime-jointed mortar.

Artur Szewczyk of Artektus Limited worked on previous houses with Damian, a long-term client. Artektus used stone accents on many other projects, but this was the first time for Damian.

The vision for Damian's house was a private retreat with a direct connection to the unique alpine surroundings of Central Otago.

The main living area is the heart of the home, with glass walkways to separate bedrooms. A stonewall cleverly screens the heat pump and rubbish bins from view. Solar on the roof is the only outward indication of the model comforts found inside the home.

When asked about the stonework, Damian said he thinks "it is superb and looks great." Artur reinforced this adding, "it looks amazing. Our whole team is really impressed."

SUMNER Lakes Schist was used on this project. You can find it on our Products Page.

Photos taken during installation.

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